The Basics of Mortgages Rules, Changes and More

Andrea Meynell - Jun.22,2016

There is more to mortgages than you think.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique.  Their incomes, spending habits, comfort levels with money and risk, goals, relationships, savings and wants are all part of who they are and what they need.  These things also factor into what type of mortgage best suits their individual situation.

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Your Kitchen as a Business

Anne Bergman - May.24,2016

We are in a period of food and health fascination or, arguably, obsession. There is a tremendous amount of insecurity, fear, self-doubt and guilt among us. Since health and food often fall in the realm of women, it is largely women who are living with these emotions of guilt, fear and stress. These feelings contribute to further pain and illness.

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Weathering the Ad Biz Storm

Pamela McNamara - May.24,2016

My career started in Australia. As a star-struck youth of 17, I sat for three consecutive days in the lobby of a Melbourne TV network until the personnel director offered me a job in the PR department. I think he was tired of seeing me sitting in the lobby and said, “Okay, young lady. I have an assistant position in the PR department. Do you know what PR is?” I replied, “No, but I will learn.” I have since learned to say “yes” to every question in business.

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The Director’s Cut

Judy Grout, Director at Large - May.24,2016

As I wrap up my two years at the CAWEE Board as Director at Large, I am aware of the many reasons I enjoy being a member of this organization! During my time at the Board, I have had the privilege of overseeing CAWEE’s involvement with Sistering, a women’s charitable organization. Sistering assists women who are homeless, under-housed, low income or marginalized and are looking for a safe and welcoming place to go during the day. In a welcoming, non-judgmental environment, women can access much-needed support.

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Feel Overwhelmed as an Entrepreneur? There is help!

Jayne Huhtanen - May.24,2016

What are your greatest challenges as an entrepreneur? Marketing and Sales? Finance? Getting everything done? All of the above? In a recent survey by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), these were the top challenges that all entrepreneurs face.

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Women and Entrepreneurship

Helga Teitsson - Apr.22,2016

Are women particularly suited to entrepreneurship? Is it in our nature to create, nurture and grow a business, product or service? I believe for many women, that is the case, it’s in their DNA.

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