Covid 19 – Side Effects May Include Your Marriage, Your Business, and…..

Debbie Shawn, Divorce Matters - Jun.24,2020

There are the Covid 19 side effects we’ve been hearing about since the early days of this pandemic – shortage of PPE and ventilators, high rates of death, especially amongst the elderly, the economic downturn, and then there are the side effects we’re just starting to hear more about…

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Proper Texting Posture

Dr. Yuxin Kelly Wang. D.C. ChiroPath Spine & Posture Centre - Jun.24,2020

Do you find yourself spending more time on your phone now that you are working from home? Prolonged texting can cause a lot of stress to the neck area and it can cause things like headaches, fatigue, dizziness and neck pain. In fact, there is a new medical term to this and it is called the “Text Neck.” Below are some tips for a better texting posture!

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From Overwhelm to Abundance

Rose-marie Fernandez, Coaching Worx - Jun.24,2020

The current pandemic situation has made overwhelm a common word in our vocabulary. The anxiety and stress of having to deal with emotional and financial issues can take a toll on our mental ability to cope with anxiety and strain.  The prescription for survival in this situation is to have an Abundant Mindset.

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Keeping Your Website In Sight

Susan Ward, Boost Business - Apr.30,2020

As our businesses rely on online presence now more than ever before, I hope this article is useful to help you understand and make strategic improvements to the most immediately actionable factors you have in your control to increase your rank so more of your best prospects easily find you.

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Stress Resilience During Covid-19

Colleen Rooney, Coaching Connextions - Apr.29,2020
We all have strengths and weaknesses. Both are with us in times of stress. No one has a stress-free life. We don’t manage stress by avoiding it. We manage by responding effectively and finding our way to be happy, healthy, and whole. That’s resilience.
How can you tap into your resilience to cope and even thrive despite setbacks, barriers, or limited resources?
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Find Your Silver Lining to Soar!

Elizabeth Verwey, Spoken Lives - Mar.25,2020

Rainbows come and go, right? When things don’t go the way we expected or planned, we can get bogged down in the negative and lose a lot of time.

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Civil Litigation 101 - What You Really Need to Know!

Karen Bernofsky, Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP - Feb.28,2020

Civil litigation is one way that people, corporations, and other entities can enforce their rights. Those rights can include property rights, the right to rely on an agreement, and the right to be free of certain wrongs, like negligence and breaches of privacy, and enforcing a breach of rights by the government. These procedures can also provide other forms of relief.

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