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Did You Know That You Can Do One-Stop Shopping in Your Divorce?

The process of Mediation/Arbitration (or Med/Arb) offers a new and innovative option for resolving one’s issues in Divorce and in the breakdown of a Common ...
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Breaking The Silence & Ending The Secrecy of the Menopause Transition

Transformative phases mark every woman’s journey and one of the most significant transitions is menopause. Despite its universality, menopause is often shrouded in secrecy, misconceptions, ...
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The Art of Networking – Review by Heather Freed

Spending a day with 3000 of your closest friends in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to attend The Art Of Networking, can be overwhelming, but ...
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5W:  Take Your Networking to the International Level

When I planned my trip to Melbourne in January 2023, it was primarily to spend time with my 30-year-old daughter, Caroline, who’s been living there ...
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