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11 Tips for Thriving Through Life

Susan Patterson, Reginiting Joy At the CAWEE book club last November 7, we discussed Peter Attia’s book Outlive. Right up my alley! Reading and listening ...
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The Modern Divorce – A Team-Based Approach to a Sensible Divorce

Terri McDougall, PFP, CFDS-AA Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist – Advanced AccreditedCollaborative Divorce Solutions Divorces historically have assumed that the role of the lawyers was to ...
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Five Myths of Financial Planning

The financial services industry is littered with sayings, rules and ideas that either no longer apply or never made much sense in the first place. ...
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Exploring Art Therapy

This time of the year can be stressful for many, with added tasks and responsibilities, family dynamics that can be taxing, financial pressures, obligations, and ...
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