Tap Away Your Stress

Would you like to learn a practical, vital life skill that you may wish you had learned years ago? It can help you have greater success in your business and personal life.

In fact, if all two-year-olds learned it – there’d be more lifelong happiness in the world!

This life skill known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT and Tapping) lowers and eliminates stress…and so much more!

I teach Tapping to all my clients so they can manage their stress as it comes up. You know, the kind of stress that can ruin your day or take the joy out of life – road rage, disagreements with family or friends, anxiety, overwhelm, and more!

During coaching sessions with my clients, I use Tapping to help them go deeper to finally resolve trauma and negative emotions from the past that are affecting their lives today and making them unhappy or unwell.

Tapping will improve your life – if you use it!

And, it’s fun!

So, why is it important to reduce the effect of stress? To get a handle on it?

Stress is the #1 cause of premature aging!

It’s behind 85 to 90 percent of all illnesses and conditions. For example, if you have pain more than six weeks after an accident, if you obsess about what you ‘should’ have done or what others ‘should’ have said, or how you suffered as a child; if you have digestive issues, breathing difficulties, ongoing anger, sadness, fear, grief or guilt long after the original event – try tapping to improve your peace of mind and happiness!

I have to warn you though! Tapping looks weird!

The first time I saw it almost 11 years ago, I was skeptical, but I quickly became convinced because of my own results in being able to calm my stress.

Tapping has been around for 35 years; it’s been researched in 20 countries and there are at least 100 scientific papers written about it! (If you want to see the research, email me and I’ll send it to you.)

In recent years, scientific studies have discovered how and why Tapping works.

It lowers your body’s cortisol production. This is important because too much cortisol negatively affects your immune system AND weight!

Tapping actually changes your gene expression for the better, and it decreases inflammation!

Stress triggers the amygdala – the ‘smoke detector’ area in your brain – which alerts the body that you’re in danger. Tapping communicates to your brain that “It’s okay, I’m safe.”

Are you ready to do a few rounds of Tapping to see what it can do for you? Take responsibility for your own well-being. If you don’t feel safe Tapping now, avoid doing it until you can talk with a Tapping practitioner who will be able to help you to feel safe and lead you through it.

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Take in and release a couple of deep, slow breaths. Where in your body do you feel stress now? Your neck and shoulders? Stomach? Chest? Elsewhere?

Rate your stress on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most intense it can be and 1 being you really don’t feel stress. This is an intuitive number – the ‘Art of Tapping’. (If you don’t feel stress right now, think about an event in the past or future that you find stressful and give it a number.)

When you’re ready, open your eyes and write down the number.

Using two fingers of either hand, tap on the karate chop point of the opposite hand. (See diagram.) Say out loud:

Even though I’m feeling so stressed out about this situation, I love and accept myself.

Even though, I’m really stressed. It’s difficult to see how I could relax, I accept myself.

Even though, I’m finding it really hard to love and accept myself when I feel this way, I accept how I feel about it, I’m ready and willing to let it go now.

Follow the Tapping points in the diagram while saying out loud:

EB: I’m feeling so stressed out
SE: This situation is really stressing me out
UE: I’m feeling so upset/angry
UN: I really feel it in my stomach/throat/chest
CH: I can’t stop thinking about it
CB: I’m really worrying about it
UA: I have to worry about it

Top of Head: It makes me feel I’m doing something about it by worrying

EB: I have to worry and be upset about it
SE:  It wouldn’t make sense to let it go and relax
UE: I’d be giving up all control and feel powerless
UN: What if I could let go and relax now?
CH: What if it was safe to relax?
CB: Worrying isn’t helping
UA: It’s making me more anxious

Top of Head: I’m open to the possibility of relaxing

EB: Maybe if I’m able to relax, I’ll be able to see better choices
SE: I wonder what ideas and inspirations might come to me?
UE: I wonder how much healthier my body would be
UN: If I just relaxed and let go
CH: If I trusted my guidance and intuition
CB: And began to relax and let go

Top of Head: Right now

Take a deep breath in…and let it go…Tune back into your original issue and see how it’s shifted.

What’s the number now?

If it went down a couple of points, or got to zero, or maybe you feel lighter, would you agree that it’s amazing to have relief so quickly? If your number went up, it’s a sign that you need to tap more, or work with a practitioner who can gently guide you to feeling fantastic!

If you had a shift, imagine what could happen if you did more tapping?

I believe in Tapping so completely that I wrote about the benefits of it in my book “Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally!” As my gift to you, you can get the downloadable version of my book:

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Remember, Tapping will improve your life – if you use it!