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Whenever we are meeting with clients we are always asking what they have done in the past, what are they doing now, and what they want to accomplish.  We usually end up in a discussion of wanting to do it all, but not knowing how much of what to do and how it can all relate.  The answer to that is almost always to strive for effectiveness, impact and integration.

Key factors to drive sales when creating effective print in a digital world:

  1. Don’t say too much - Limit yourself to one key message.
  2. Create relevance for the customer – Use bullet-point lists that focus on the benefits of your services not the features.
  3. Establish effective analytics - Learning how to collect data and interpret that data.  Determine success, and measure the effectiveness of each approach.
  4. Offer Exclusivity. Send the customer to your website to access a special promotion using technologies like QR codes, Purl’s or Augmented Reality.
  5. Cross Pollinate - Use your print media to direct people to your social media pages or websites and vice versa. Host your printed media on your site as a downloadable pdf.

Making the connection between Print and Digital

There are a few unique tools available that bridge that magical divide between the tactile physical experience and they all focus on creating custom experiences for the customer. This can be done by utilizing QR Codes (or smart codes), Near Field Communication (NFC), and Augmented Reality (AR) along with Variable Data Print (VDP), & PURLs.  These tools let customers move between the Digital and Print seamlessly.

QR Code are a fairly simple interface with print.  You point your phone at a little pixelated square and you get sent directly to a web site or video link. 

Print integrating with NFC is a little more magical as it can make the printed image come to life on the phone screen.  There was recently an integrated piece produced for Lexus in Wired Magazine which showcased the new Lexus mobile app suite which received a lot of attention. It was effective, easy to use and seamlessly combined print, video and cutting edge technology to tell the story.

Augmented Reality (AR) is somewhere in-between when it comes to print.  It can be used to bring print to life for the consumer to interact with the printed page.  As in the Simon Chang AR activated Brochure used in the Home Hardware paint stores, elements on every page are interactive and further information or demonstrations pop up as you explore the brochure through your phone.

The common thread that runs through these interfaces is that they bridge the gap, they are engaging, and you get to see who these customers are, and how they interact.  They create a measurable element between the point of asking and the point of buying.  They also provide an opportunity to ask more about prospects and drill down to what they are looking for. 

Every time you know something new about a prospect is an opportunity to retarget the relationship and re ask for their engagement.  This can be done through Variable Data Print (VDP).  The process of customizing the printed communication to the customer, their interests, or their habits.  A few well-crafted questions can steer a conversation towards feeling very comfortable and relevant.

This approach has proven extremely effective.  Printed VDP has 70%higher brand recall than digital alone and 82% of targeted direct mail is read for a minute or more.  Paired with an overall multi-touch campaign, VDP is essential to help drive sales results.

So we have gone from print to digital, and back to print and it seems everything is great, right? Well we can fine tune this one more time.  We can take this custom print and ask for more engagement using an exclusive offer or other similar irresistible notion.   We can put that offer on a PURL’s, a unique personal landing page.  By looping back and forth throughout the relationship you develop with your customers we can create a custom experience for the consumer.  Customized and dynamically driven creative through Variable Data Printing (VDP) & an easy to remember personal URL.

This process of exclusive offers promoting a personalized one to one conversation allows you to Pre-populate forms to simplify and streamline the process, and increase conversion rates.  By going to their own landing page, the customer is initiating a conversation and expressing interest in the product, service or event.  And when your customers seek you out, it usually bodes well for your sales.

Print and Digital Facts:

70% of households read printed ads or personalized direct mail.
How many online ads do you read every day?

Small businesses may be wary of print marketing due to the initial investment, BUT direct mail has a 13-to-1 return which speaks for itself.

44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving a printed marketing piece.

If you knew you could get 4 of 10 people to visit your website with a targeted postcard campaign, would you do it?

Shirley Zerfas is the founder of One Imaging Inc.  She is an OCAD graduate, and is married with a fabulous husband.  She is a step mom to two beautiful children, drives a practical car, has relentless drive, is a yacht skipper, and an avid golfer.

For you? Shirley and her team can solve any printing challenge – from large format, to short run digital, high volume litho & more.  Shirley can also create the magical portal to the wonderful world of digital and help you integrate it within your marketing plan.

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