The value of using a travel professional

Maria da Cunha - Owner, daCunha Voyages - Dec.20,2016

Using the internet to book your travel arrangements is certainly one way of booking all your travel arrangements but have you ever considered the risks associated with the internet and the added value of using a Travel Professional?

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Harness the Power of Relationships to Navigate the Holidays

Amy Greenleaf Brassert MSW RSW, Relationship Therapist - Oct.20,2016

Fall is here (I think!) and we are collectively anticipating the approach of the holidays. As Thanksgiving approaches, we have potential opportunities to recognize and celebrate our relationships with family and friends. It may even be a time for reflection and forgiveness in some relationships. What, if any, Thanksgiving traditions or rituals do you and your family share?

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Holiday Eating

Michelle C. Heighington B.A., RNCP ROHP, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Greystones Health - Oct.20,2016
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Dr. Alisa Blumberg - Aug.19,2016

It’s almost time for another amazing afternoon of golf at the CAWEE Annual Golf Classic on Monday, August 15, 2016! And as the excitement builds, it seemed appropriate to direct a few minutes of consideration towards making sure that we all play without pain, have fun without fatigue, and enjoy without injury. While some of us are avid athletes, many more of us are ‘weekend warriors,’ and some of us might not have seen a course since last year’s tournament – we could all stand some reminders about how to prepare, warm-up and protect our bodies during this (or any) day of being active.

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Outgoing message from President Lois Volk

Lois Volk - Aug.19,2016

My term as President of CAWEE came to an end at the CAWEE Annual General Meeting on June 16th 2016.   My time spent on the Board of Directors has been a great learning experience and I’m in awe of what has been achieved by this small group of very talented women.  They should be proud of their accomplishments.

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